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5 Fall Fashion Statements That Can Change the World

Fall Trends you need to know about!


This fall we want to help keep you two steps ahead of everyone else when it comes to fall fashion trends. We want you to feel like you can step out of your comfort zone and push the boundaries of you feel comfortable and bold in. After doing some research on what is to come this upcoming fall, we ditched the overpriced designer tags and replaced them with tags that are going to help change the world. When it comes to helping you choose your accessories it is fate that you have come to the right place - this fall we’re going bigger and bolder than ever before.


Samira Earrings

Regular price $25.00


I wasn’t joking around when I said bigger and better this fall! These will be the PERFECT anytime, any day earrings. You can wear them with totally casual clothes while still feeling like a total boss. These simple yet bold earnings are perfect for anyone who is wanting to step out of the edgy side. It’s hard to not feel on top of the world with these earrings, also knowing every time you wear them that you have helped provide economic empowerment to the artisans in India and Nepal who made these beautiful pair of earrings. Talk about a win-win.


Golden Dangles Earrings

Regular price $56.00

Gold, long, and beautiful. Wearing these will automatically make whatever you’re doing that night 10X more exciting and electrifying. Anyone can pull these off, so don’t think these aren’t for you. These dangly earrings are exactly what you have been looking for to put that going out outfit all together. These earrings are made to raise awareness and hope to those enslaved in sex-trafficking. Partnering with the designer Bracha, 20% of every purchase made goes to helping fund the war on human-trafficking. Let your purchases make a difference, and help be the change you want to see.


Ankara Necklace

Regular price $32.00


Providing a stable source of income to families in Nepal and India, this oversized necklace won’t only make you look good, but you’ll also feel good knowing that you’re helping families fight for economic empowerment. As summer comes to a close, the peak of your fashion style has only began. and this daring necklace is the first step you want to take in that direction. Venture to be a new you this fall, ‘maybe tomorrow’ won’t ever come - now is the time!


Alem Utility Tote


Regular price $238.00

This fall season, everything is being super-sized and that means the bags too. You might feel like carrying around this bag will seem bulky and unnecessary, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Fitting all your belongings in one place will save you so much time and hassle trying to figure out where everything is. Handcrafted in both Ethiopia and Mexico this tote is 100% genuine distressed leather made to move. You might not be Mary Poppins, but having this much room for your day to day tasks will make you feel pretty close. Named after one of the heroic women who has experienced life change through her job, this Alem Utility Tote provides a noble occupation to women in disadvantaged communities in Ethiopia and Mexico.



Fringe Earring

Regular price $34.00


Blue, gold and print is the way to go this fall. These classic colors will be a great addition to any fall style. These Fringe Earrings aid in developing craftsmen and leaders that are able to use their skills to provide for their families and contribute to the development of their community. Hand-woven, glass seed bead patterned earrings on 14K gold plated hooks. Made by our beadwork team, Valè Atizan Kreyatif in Milot, Haiti. If you’re looking for something to play a little safe, look no further. These earrings are just for you, and will match any outfit you have this fall!


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