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A New Direction for HP Supply Co.- Peace out Peak St.

With the happiest of hearts, we are excited to announce a fresh direction for HP Supply Co! We’ll be focusing on building out our original dream of an online platform. One important part of that is that on July 22nd we will be closing down our storefront on Peak St. so we can invest more fully in our online work. 


For the last decade, we’ve been dreaming about developing a collection of resources and technology for small start-up economic programs that would help them focus on the good work they are doing by allowing us to manage the details. Until recently we didn’t have the people or the funding for this venture to take flight, BUT in the last year the Lord has opened the door for us to pursue that dream! We’re excited to share more information about these resources with you soon.

Our team has spent many hours talking and praying over what that would mean for our storefront, and in the end we all felt a peace about surrendering the “known-ness” of brick and mortar in pursuit of our digital dreams.

HP Supply

We have loved being able to host events and display products in our storefront, but having a brick and mortar location wasn’t our long-term goal. So, after some deep processing with wise counselors, we were encouraged to double down on our main goals and remove anything that might distract us from them. This means saying “goodbye” to Peak St. and saying “hello” to the next stage.

So while you won’t be able to swing by our storefront for much longer to check out our goods, we are going to do everything in our power to create an “in-person” shopping experience with our online store! Also, if you’re a local and you’d like to shop our goods in person, you can shop our display that will be opening inside of the newest DFW coffee shop, Mudleaf Coffee! They will be opening their doors in August and we'd love to have you all at the grand event!   

In celebration of our next step, we have decided to have a big sale at 1322 Peak St. next week from July 17th - July 21st from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm everyday, so make sure you swing by for our last hoorah in this space to snatch up as many goodies as you can!

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