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HPSC 2019 Goals - Dream Big

Goals are terrifying… ammmiright? They are the worst kind of accountability because they are SELF-enforced. HOWEVER, goal setting is one of the most important things you can do in life, especially when running a business. All too often people let their successes dictate their direction only to feel lost along the current they’ve been swept up into. One key way to avoid getting lost is to step back each year and clearly mark out the route you want to pursue. SO… even though it is scary to put this out there and even scarier to think we might not be successful in the pursuit of authenticity, our crew at HPSC wanted to share the top 3 goals we have set for 2019. Dear friends, please hold us accountable!
1.    Increase Awareness
- It has taken us about 3 years to really solidify the base of what we do and how we do it. Now that we are confidently up and running, it is time to shift our focus to our audience. The sky’s is the limit! This year we want to get creative and bold in our pursuit of getting the word out about HPSC and our amazing partnerships. We want to further our reach, increase the impact that our products are making, and empower our shoppers to contribute to creating life change around the world.
When we launched, we experienced a booming expanse of our impact. We were acquiring new vendors almost weekly and investing in more partnerships than ever before. In the past 3 years, we have become a bit more calculated with our investments. The initial buying experiences taught us a lot about what not to buy, who not to buy from, and we are confident we are wiser for it. However, we don’t want wisdom to lead to fear. We want to make it a goal this year to be bold in who we partner with. Our hope is that through gaining knowledge, spreading awareness, and making small changes in our buying habits we can all make a difference in lives around the globe.
2.    Better Online Shopping Experience
- This year we are focusing on the buyer like never before. Our partners are doing an amazing job of tending to their artisans and their causes. So, now we can focus on telling their stories and empowering our shoppers. In 2018 we strategically closed our store front so we could further invest into our online platform. We can confidently say this was a GREAT MOVE! We don’t want to be complacent, and we do want to have one of THE best shopping experiences out there. Our goal is for every person shopping with us to know that all of our goods change lives, for them to be confident in the causes they are investing in, and to know the impact of each and every item! Our hope is that you could gift one of our goods to a total stranger and they would know exactly what we do, AS WELL AS exactly what their gift does to help change the world! It is as simple as that. We want our crew here in the States and our artisans to feel equally invested in.
3.    Connecting People
- Since our shift from brick and mortar to our online sales platform, we want to prioritize our personal connection with our shoppers. Our store has never been about retail success, but about changing the lives of disadvantaged men and women through benevolent capitalism. One of our main mantras is PEOPLE OVER PROFIT. This year we are striving to create connections like never before. We have some huge plans for this particular goal that we will be rolling out over the course of 2019. Our desire is to prioritize Gospel centered interactions over profit centered transactions.


Running a social business is hard work.
Connecting people is hard work.
Prioritizing people over profit is hard work.


But who said “good” wouldn’t be “hard”!
We are excited for another year where we get to do the hard work together!
Happy New Year Friends!
HPSC Staff

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