GO Rings - The BEST Way to Support Missionaries!

When Darcie first got accepted to be a part of the World Race, she was excited and enthusiastic about going! But, she was also worried about where she would find the money to fund her entire mission trip--an approximately $15,000 venture. To give some perspective, this is not-your-mamas mission trip... we're talking 11 different countries in 11 months!

Daunted by the challenge of raising that much money, she prayed and asked God for wisdom on whether she should accept this opportunity or not. She felt God say to go for it and trust that He would have a way of getting her the money.

So, Darcie began the fundraising process. Unsure of how to go about raising funds, she asked for advice from a woman at her church who had successfully fundraised a 6-month mission trip. She told Darcie that people would want to give money to fund her trip if they got something in return. Thus, Darcie began thinking and praying for creativity to come up with an item that would sell well amongst her friends and family. Inspired by a ring she’d just bought on Etsy, she decided to run with a similar idea. She thought a ring would be a great idea so that whenever people who’d purchased a ring from her looked down at their hand, they’d remember to pray for her on her mission trip. Thus, the idea for GO Rings was born.

Darcie ran to Hobby Lobby to purchase some materials. It took her a few tries, but she eventually came up with the trademark design of the ring--11 loops to represent the 11 countries she’d be working in, and 7 loops for the 7 teammates she’d have during her trip. After making a few, she began selling them. What was expected to sell to just her friends and family began selling across her entire college campus. The idea kept spreading to the point that she was shipping rings to multiple people she’d never met all across the country. GO Rings took off quickly, and before Darcie knew it, her entire mission trip was funded...and then some.

Darcie left for her mission trip but couldn’t completely abandon this fundraiser that had now turned into a mini business. So, while she was gone for the year, she left logistics to her friend and roommate, Dru McIlhenny. By the time she got back from her mission trip, the business she had with her GO Rings looked promising. Both Dru and Darcie decided to run head on with the company by working at it full time.

GO Rings is more than just a business, though. Darcie and Dru decided to use the rings as a tool for other people looking to raise funds for mission trips. Each month, they accept 10-15 partners who sell the rings all month and receive up to 30% of the proceeds from each sale. When you buy a GO Ring, you’re helping fund missions trips as well as different organizations around the world.

GO Rings are simple yet unique and stylish looking rings that can be worn with any outfit, casual or formal.

To give you a better idea of GO Rings and provide a firsthand look at their impact, we interviewed Jourdan Shockey, a long-time affiliate of HP Supply Co and avid wearer of GO Rings. 

Go Ring- The best way to support missionaries

[Jourdan, with one of the team members of WEND Africa]

How long and why have you been a supporter of HP Supply Co?

Going on 2 years! HPSC is my dream company! The values, mission, and all of it is who I am -- a follower of Jesus who wants to make an impact in this world to help others. That is exactly this company.

How did you hear about GO Rings?

I saw them for the first time at HPSC. Loved the design, the material, and how classy/simple it looks!

What’s your favorite piece of GO Rings jewelry to wear?

My favorite ring is the Classic Gold Ring. I wear it daily on my right or left hand.

Go Rings - gifts that support missionaries

[Jourdan, wearing her GO Ring on her missions trip to Gulu, Uganda.]

What started as a creative fundraising tool for one girl has grown into a business that benefits many. GO Rings not only makes cute and eye-catching jewelry, but gives their proceeds back to various missions efforts and organizations around the globe.  Shop our selection of GO Rings, wear your support, and be a part of the change!

Let’s start making a fashion statement not only with aesthetic but also with purpose.

XOXO, Written by Caroline Claunch in collaboration with Chelsea-Shay Friesen

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