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How Can I Fight Human Trafficking? - HP Supply Co.

What a daunting question.... "how can I fight human trafficking?"

Today 40 million people worldwide are victims of human trafficking.

Did you catch that? 

M I L L I O N!

That number is so large I cannot even begin to comprehend the impact it has on our world, and when I think about it, I feel like anything I do won’t actually make a difference.

It’s estimated that 40 million people worldwide are victims of human trafficking. 

I feel stuck in this Dallas mindset that sex trafficking is worlds away – but that is simply not true. Sex trafficking affects people living just miles from me in Dallas, and even if it’s the smallest step possible, what am I doing about it?

Whenever I am confronted by the horror of this modern-day form of slavery, I usually freeze and have no idea what I can do to help. With an issue this big, what could I ever do to make an impact?

Since learning more, I’ve realized there are a few things I can do to get involved in saving these victims from their abusive environments and aiding in their rehabilitation. First off, there are many organizations working all over the country and the world to physically rescue people from trafficking environments. One of my favorite organizations is International Justice Mission, and I’ve been able to educate myself on this issue by learning from them and from other incredible organizations fighting the same fight.

Secondly, I’ve started shopping with purpose. There are many organizations and social enterprises now that provide goods to create social change and not just make a profit. Those are the vendors we work with here at HP Supply Co. When I started my internship, the first thing I bought was the Purpose Knot Ring. This ring is beautifully simple, but even more importantly, the ring aids in the recovery and rehabilitation of sex-trafficking victims in India through the iSanctuary program.

That day I not only gained a beautiful piece of jewelry but also an incredible story I can share with anyone that compliments me on it! I have worn it every day since, and I love knowing that even though I cannot help all 40 million people, through my purchase I was able to help support the new life of at least one. 

I invite you to join in this fight and help change the lives of human trafficking victims around the world. You can start by learning more about this issue and then jumping in with us by purchasing something from our incredible vendors. Buy a good, then share the story. We individually cannot end human trafficking, but if we all join together, we can make a much greater impact than we ever could alone. 

XOXO, MacKenzie Korsi in collaboration Chelsea-Shay Friesen

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