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How Can Shopping Impact the World?

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... I don't want to make this about me, but it is hard to not doubt all of these " do-gooder" companies that seem to be popping up everywhere! They say that my purchase makes a difference but I can't help but think " PROVE IT!" 


So we've decided to make that our number one goal over this next year at HP Supply Co... to show our buyers, our supporters, our partners the EXACT impact of your involvement.


This summer, I have been working on creating High Point Supply Co’s first Impact Report. I’m not going to lie, when I first crunched the numbers, I was pretty disappointed. When you calculate the impact of 10% giveback on goods that include wholesale and retail markups, the approximate impact of $100 is around $1.88. That number, to me, screams lame and pointless.


Thankfully, my understanding of impact wasn’t all there was to the story. With most of HP Supply Co’s vendors, the money really isn’t the most impactful part of the sale, but the fact that someone is buying the work of their artisans. These organizations are creating holistic, life-changing resources by giving impoverished and at-risk communities the skills and jobs they need to support themselves. By creating dignified work and producing quality goods, these artisans are able to take ownership of their work and see that it is worth buying!


This is the direction traditional charity and nonprofit work is moving towards today, and it is amazing to see the sustainable impact of social enterprises on the people who need it most. People don’t need or want handouts – they want to learn how to sustain and care for themselves. That’s what we get to partner with our vendors to do at HP Supply Co!


On top of the empowerment each sale provides artisans, we so often also misunderstand how much the impact of just $1 can have in other places in the world. In the United States, that can barely buy you a candy bar, but in the countries our vendors are working in, $1 can feed a child for two full days. That, to me, is incredibly encouraging. 


Looking at the brokenness and pain in our world can feel absolutely overwhelming, but after learning more about the impact of a single purchase on the confidence and well-being of brothers and sisters around the world, it’s amazing to now understand we truly can change the world - one thoughtful and kindness-filled purchase at a time!


SO I challenge you, reader,  to replace one of your typical Target purchases this month with an item that gives back!!!  Shop for a cause you care about... take the time to make an impact!

MacKenzie Korsi in collaboration with Chelsea-Shay Friesen

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