How To Raise Funds For A Mission Trip - 3 Great Ways to Connect With Your Community and Meet Your Support Goals

You have made the incredible decision to go on a mission trip and I cannot tell you how exciting that is. In this blog we want to give you some encouragement, advice and peace about being able to fund this trip.  One of the most common reasons people decide that they can’t go on mission trips is because of the money. That’s why I believe this blog is so important. We asked around to some of our friends and family to help come up with a list of some innovative ideas you could use to get a good start on raising money for your trip.  

Write letters Your friends and family love and want to know what you are doing. Tell your story to the people around you and why you are wanting to do this. Letters mean so much, and they aren’t hard to make either. Not only are you able to tell them why you want to do this, you are also opening the door to talk about the gospel. Reaching out this way gives them time to think about how and if they are able to give monetarily. Call them up! I know that it's scary, but if you think about it, you're able to talk to your loved ones about what you’re doing and catch up if you haven’t been able to talk in a while! It really is a win-win solution.

Garage Sale - I just loving being able to give things away that I don’t use anymore to anyone who can find use in it. I know there’s a lot of things I have around the house I don’t need and could make a little extra cash by selling in a garage sell. This would be a really fun idea to get your friends and family in on too. I also think this is such a great idea because you will be able to see and talk to people you have never met before. I believe this would be a fantastic opportunity to share your faith with people you don’t know.  

Talk to Your Church - Another good idea for you to consider to help raise funds for your mission trip is to talk to your church. Your community is there for you, whether that’s through prayer or helping send you. When you share what you need with the people who are close and know you the best it gives them an opportunity to serve.

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