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Summer - A Time For Friends, Fun, and Fashion!

We are officially in the heart of summer, which means fun activities, fun with friends, and fun fashion! Featured on the blog today is Kayla Webster. Kayla recently heard about HP Supply Co and immediately fell in love with the cause behind our company. She is a total summer babe, and what better way to feature our jewelry and accessories for the summer than with someone who absolutely loves getting dressed up in a cute outfit and going out to fun summer outings!?


Hi Kayla! We’re so happy to have you on our blog. Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Hello, my name is Kayla Webster! I’m from the DFW area and currently attend Dallas Baptist University. I plan on graduating in December with a Bachelors in Business Management!


How did you hear about HP Supply Co?

My friend Caroline goes to school with me and has been interning with you this summer. She is the reason I know about this amazing business!


What were your first thoughts when you heard about the company?

When I first heard about the company, I thought the concept of HP Supply Co was so cool! Once I started following your company on Instagram, I realized just how much of an impact your message has on the world. Every item purchased from your company helps with issues from providing education and work opportunities to those who otherwise wouldn’t have them, to bigger issues like helping victims of trafficking. This company overall has a big heart to help those in need, and they do it by selling amazing jewelry, accessories, and so much more. 


What are a few of your favorite items and how do you wear them day-to-day?


Blush Tassel Earrings

Kayla wearing the Blush Tassel Earrings

One of my favorite items that I will probably wear with every outfit because they are just that cute are the Tassel Earrings in Blush. When these earrings are purchased, a portion of the sale goes towards helping women in Cambodia gain employment and an education, opportunities of a lifetime!


X Ring

Kayla wearing the X Ring

I like the ring because of its simple look, you can wear it everyday, and it matches literally everything! It definitely gives that last bit of pop to my outfit. I like to know that by purchasing this I can help provide women with opportunities and jobs that will aid in their recovery from challenging circumstances.


Chevron Necklace

Kayla wearing the Chevron Necklace

The Chevron Necklace is different! That’s why it caught my eye. You can make any basic outfit fun with a statement piece like this! I wore it with my maroon romper, and it made an amazing focal piece. It makes me happy to know that when someone purchases this necklace, sex trafficking victims in India receive solace and hope!


Wend Tote

Kayla wearing the Wend Tote

I love that this tote is light and summery and goes with anything. It would especially make a great beach or pool bag! Best of all, I love that a purchase helps provide jobs, purpose, and hope to women who escaped war violence in Uganda.


This company helps so many people in so many ways! HP Supply Co is a great place to purchase cute birthday or Christmas gifts, or if I'm looking for an accessory that has a unique look. And I can know that my purchase helped someone in some amazing way. HP Supply Co has officially stolen my heart!


Keep up to date with all their cute stuff by following them on Instagram at @hpsupplyco


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