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Myers Briggs Gift Guide - Christmas Gift Ideas Based on Myers Briggs

Hey There Shopper!

We decided to create a gift guide for our Myers Briggs lovers out there! 

Truth be told we might be WAYYYY off on these BUT we love personality tests and thought it would be super fun, so here it goes!


ISTJ - Leather Journal
ISTJ’s appreciate useful and practical gifts, so what better gift to get them than a journal where they can take notes and write “To-Do” lists--something that ISTJ’s always love to do. For every journal purchased, a Bible is donated to a country that is closed to the gospel.

Myers Briggs Christmas Gift Guide

INTJ - Slitted Leather Cuff
INTJ’s are imaginative and idealistic, but also very analytical. The Slitted Leather Cuff would be a great gift for the INTJ because of its soft look that still makes a statement. The INTJ is all about self sufficiency, so they would appreciate the cause behind the bracelet--providing skills and economic empowerment to craftsmen in South Asia.

INFJ - Denik Notebook
INFJ’s are natural analyzers with a big heart. With all those emotions and thoughts floating through their heads, INFJ’s like to have a safe space to sort through it all. This safe space is often found with paper and pen, where the INFJ is free to write or draw all that is going on in their inner worlds.

ENTJ - Branded Cuff Medium
With a bold and charismatic personality, a metal cuff would make a great fashion statement for the ENTJ. But, the Branded Cuff doesn’t end there. It also makes a statement against trafficking, since each cuff is handmade by women who have escaped sex-trafficking. Each cuff is stamped with a number to represent how many people have bought the bracelets and are helping these women--you being one of them. They’re also stamped with the initials of the woman who made it. With such a strong and bold cause as well as look, the Branded cuff makes the perfect gift for your ENTJ.


    ISFJ - French Vanilla Amber Feya Candle
    ISFJ’s are usually worrying about the needs of others, so a nice gift would be one that brings comfort, warmth, and relaxation. What better gift to give them than a candle? Especially one where every candle purchased provides a meal to someone in need, fighting hunger around the world. The ISFJ can rest knowing that even when they’re relaxing with their candle, they’re still helping someone.


      ENFP - Woven Weekender Bag
      ENFP’s are known as true adventurers always up for a spontaneous trip. The Woven Weekender Bag would make the best companion bag for them on their weekend trip. With two fun patterns to choose from, it reflects the ENFP’s fun personality as well. Each bag provides jobs to the impoverished in Guatemala AND helps spread the gospel through the area. So much good in just one bag!


        ESTP - Wallet
        ESTP’s can be known as lovers of money. They like to take risks as far as money goes and invest in worthwhile causes. Any of our wallets make perfect gifts for the ESTP because one, they store money, but two, they provide money to impoverished communities around the world.


          ESTJ - Geo Studs
          ESTJ’s are known as being reliable, practical, strong-willed and organized. These earrings fit their personality well because of the geometric shape and practicality with a little bit of edge and lots of style. They would match any outfit and tie the whole look together. Proceeds from these earrings go towards helping sex-trafficking victims in India through the i-Sanctuary program.


            ISTP - Cord Wrap
            ISTP’s are always exploring and creating different things, often known as engineers or mechanics. They have an appreciation for cool new things (especially tech related) that also have a sense of practicality and rationalism to it. This is why the earphone cord wrap would be perfect for the ISTP. With its subtle statement of leather and functionalism, it would be much appreciated from your ISTP. These cord wraps provide jobs to at risk men and women in South Asia.


              INTP - Graphic Journal
              The INTP is inquisitive, inventive, and thinks outside of the box. A great gift to get for this person would be a journal to place all their ideas that are storming around through their head. After all, their next thought that gets put in the journal might just change the world. Each journal provides half a day of school to a child in Laos


                ESFJ - Classic Coffee Mug
                ESFJ’s are warm and friendly. They love to have fun and socialize, but also care about the needs of others. Our classic coffee mugs are great gifts for the ESFJ to provide them with a warm reminder and a warm drink to bring them joy. Proceeds for each mug go towards bringing clean water to those in the Central African Republic.


                  ENFJ - Travel Blanket
                  ENFJ’s are fun loving but also warm, people centric personalities. The Travel blanket makes for a stylish and warm accessory to bring along to your picnic, bonfire, or to just cuddle up on the couch with. With each purchase of a blanket, we give back to a local ministry to provide meals for the homeless in Austin.


                    ISFP - Mother Pearl Studs
                    ISFP’s are known as adventurers and artists. They push the limits of social constructs through their expression of beauty and have a sense of spontaneity. The Mother Pearl stud  Earrings have a soft aesthetic feel to them while also making a statement and going with a multitude of outfits. These earrings give back to help victims of human trafficking.


                      INFP - GO Ring
                      INFP’s look at the world through rose-colored glasses, which isn’t a bad thing! They hold virtue and morality in high esteem. GO Rings would make a great gift for them simply because of the symbol they have and the cause they give back to. GO Rings were created by Darcie Nicholson to fund her mission trip, with 11 loops to represent the 11 countries she went to and 7 bindings to represent the 7 teammates that went on the mission trip with her. Each ring purchased goes towards funding mission trips and spreading the gospel around the world.


                        ESFP - Mollie Tassel Earrings
                        ESFP’s love to be social, fun, and the life of the party. The Mollie Tassel Earrings speak all of these traits and more! They can be worn as a statement piece for any occasion. So many people will be asking the ESFP where they got their earrings! These aren’t just a gift--they help employ and give hope to women who were previously trafficked.


                          ENTP - Balance Cuff
                          ENTP’s are charismatic and quick on their feet, but also strong-willed. They like to go against the grain, which is why the Balance Cuff is a great gift for the ENTP. It makes a strong statement while also keeping things classic. This cuff provides funding to missionaries sharing the gospel in Central America.


                          The best part of every gift we've listed above is that it helps disadvantaged men and women around the world who are fighting poverty & the injustices that come from unstable communities.

                          We hope all your shopping this holiday season has as much heart as these goodies!



                          HP Supply Co. Team


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