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Purchasing Impact Goods vs. Donating - What's the Difference?

Purchasing goods that support a cause vs. donating money to a charity or organization...what’s the difference?

On the surface, they may seem similar. You might think, “Hey, either way, I’m still helping someone.” Whether that be through purchasing a gift that gives back, or donating money directly, it’s all in the name of helping others. Right?

They’re both great ways to help! Don’t get me wrong. But there are a few reasons why purchasing goods that give back might have the upper hand here.

Cause-based goods are growing in popularity nowadays, and there’s a reason why! It’s in our human nature to want something in return when we help someone else. So, if we’re able to buy a really cute blanket that looks great on our couch whose proceeds go towards providing meals to the homeless, it’s a win-win for everyone.

If you want to get the word out about a certain organization or effort, then tangible gifts and goods are the absolute best way to do it. Goods will speak for themselves. When people ask where you got your necklace or earrings, you can tell them where you got them AND that they’re giving previously trafficked women hope through purpose and employment. Tangible items serve as a good reminder of the cause you’re giving back to -- a reminder to pray for them and continue supporting them.

Economic empowerment is a big cause that we stand behind here at HP Supply Co, and it’s a big component in cause-based goods. When you just donate, you do provide money to disenfranchised communities, but it typically ends there. When you provide these communities tools to create artistic items with their hands and have a business of their own that you purchase from, you’re not only empowering them with an income, but with hope and purpose.

Money can only go so far at times. Those in need are wanting more than just money. A couple of our partners, Starfish Project and Penh Lenh, have made it their mission to provide more than just money to women who are leaving jobs in the sex industry in Asia and Cambodia. These women have found purpose and stable, empowering employment through these companies.

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So yes, donating is good and beneficial in some instances, but purchasing goods that benefit a cause is so much more impactful in the long run. Whether it be providing an opportunity for business in impoverished communities, delivering women from the sex industry, providing meals to the homeless, or providing an education to areas that are lacking (and so much more!), your purchase goes further than you’d think and impacts a wide array of people in a positive way.

Hope. Joy. Purpose. These are gifts that you are giving when you choose to purchase impact goods. And hopefully by doing so, you too will receive these gifts by knowing you’re helping someone far more than you know.

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