5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Men - Dad, Father-in-law, Brother, Boyfriend, or Husband

We talk so much about our great accessories for women that you might forget about all the great things we have for men as well! But today we want to shine some light on our favorite goods for men and how they individually give back. Whether you are buying for you or for someone else, we are glad you are here! Let us give you some good ideas for men's gifts.

Leather Wallet

Wend Leather Wallet

We know men like to hold on to things until they are almost breaking apart. Wallets are really important when it comes to quality. This would be a fantastic present for any man in your life.  A true favorite, our men’s bi-fold wallet is a leather wallet featuring an eye-catching geometric slot for your drivers’ license. The full-grain eco-leather gives your wallet a trendy “wear and tear” look, making it unique. Handcrafted by skilled global artisans, this wallet doubles in durability and design. This would make a perfect, handy and creative gift.

Cause: Economic Empowerment in India


Beard Care

Beard and Tackle

Sometimes men forget to slow down and really think about themselves. Like the men in my life, they are always putting others in front of themselves. It is time we do a little something for them. This will help refresh them and make them feel better than ever! For every foaming soap purchased, 10% of the profit goes to a local Dallas non-profit homeless rehabilitation organization, Our Calling. The refreshing tingle will stimulate and revive your beard and spirit. Our foaming soap will lather up, clean, medicate, and nourish your beard or face. Essential oils of tangerine and patchouli will help cleanse your mind and work those minor skin irritations as an antiseptic. As you take in this clean and fresh scent, you can't help but feel like a bona fide man. B+T's Wax was created to tame and stylize your beard or 'stache for any occasion. Use it to create that distinctive handle bar curl or apply to your beard to create just the right look. All the beard care will make you or your man feel appreciated and taken care of.

Cause: Homeless Relief in Dallas

Leather Key Fob

Leather Key Fob

Keeping everything together is hard.  But this small yet durable key chain can help. Use this to keep your car keys, house keys, and work keys all in one place. This Leather Key Fob aids in developing craftsmen and leaders that are able to use their skills to provide for their families and contribute to the development of their community. 

Cause: Economic Empowerment in Haiti

Leather Journal

Double Edged Notes Journal

Spending time with just your thoughts is a great way to prepare for the day. Taking notes of what you’re reading or using this as a prayer journal is a fantastic use of your time. Being able to read through your thoughts over a period of time is a great way for you to do a lot of self-improvement and have the time to focus on yourself for a change.  

Cause: For every journal sold, we will distribute a Bible to a country closed to the gospel.


Tin Candle

Calyan Candle

Smell is everything. Walking into a house and it smelling good will make everyone love spending time there. You want people to remember your house when they leave. Candles can sometimes be preserved as girly, but I'll let you know that a woman will appreciate it when she sees how much you take care of your house. Also, you can feel good knowing that 10% of revenue generated from this product is used to fund specific antitrafficking operations in the United States. When people ask where you got this candle, you can use it as a topic opener to help spread awareness about the human trafficking in the United States.

Cause: Antitrafficking in the US


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