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Valentines Date & Gift Guide - Give Back Gifting Guide

This is NOT your average Valentines Date Idea Guide!

Not only have we come up with some creative & affordable experiences for you to enjoy, we’ve also paired your date ideas with the perfect gift kits! 
1.Spa Night & Take Home Spa kit 
- ACTIVITY - Whether it is a foot spa, a manicure/ pedicure, or a full out Swedish massage, treat your sweetie to some relaxation time And then gift them a basket full of spa goodies they can use for weeks to come!
- GIFT IDEA - candle, lotion, soap, sugar scrub
2. Coffee Tasting & Conversation Kit
- ACTIVITY -  Find a coffee shop or roasters that hosts a coffee tasting event & savor the flavors! And nothing goes better with coffee than some good conversation! After you sip some yummy jo take a seat and go through a fun set of questions together. These kind of question guides can be found on Pinterest!
- GIFT- If your sweetie is a “Words” person then we have the best gift idea for them… a notebook filled with sweet notes from you, written every 20 pages, a single sleeve coffee mug so they can remember your fun date, & some of our triangle studs! The triangle symbolizes change, so these sweet earrings a re a great way to thank your darling for being a sweet change in your life!
3. Indoor Picnic & Adventure Kit 
-ACTIVITY- This one is so simple & yet so meaningful! Get some Christmas lights and set them around the room or tack them to the ceiling, lay down a blanket, and host an indoor picnic!  Maybe you could grab some sushi or something a little out of the ordinary for dinner so you can really mimic the wonderful weather of the summer while snuggling up away from the blustery winter out side!
- GIFT - Travel Blanket, travel Pillow, & candle - These gifts are not only durable and meant to be taken outside but they are also a fun way of telling your honey that you’re looking forward to all the future adventures ahead of y’all! Maybe when the weather is better you can take your new out door linens to the park or a drive in movie!
4. Rock Climbing & Fit Kit
- Activity - For all my fitness friends this date idea is perfect for you! get out of your comfort zone & take your gal to try out rock climbing together! It is a unique way to laugh and play together that doesn’t need fair weather! Then,  once you’re done with your climbing,  you can dote on your date with our activity gift kit!
GIFT - If your girl is a fitness lover she will feel so known when you gift her one of our activity headbands, an inspiring water bottle, & a new gym tote bag for all her future fitness fun! This is sweet way of supporting her interests with out needing to be too romantic!
5. Just Desserts & Dazzles
- ACTIVITY- Show your sweetie how sweet she is by taking her on a tour of the sweetest spots in town! Make a tour of the best restaurants in Dallas BUT just get desserts! Make reservations at 3 different fun restaurants that have different & delicious post dinner yummies & it will make your evening the taste of the town!
- GIFT - She’s gonna meed to look fabulous for all these fun restaurants so get her fully clad in a look you love with a complimentary set of earrings, necklace & bracelet! All of our jewelry helps provides jobs to impoverished women around the world… what better way to spoil your girl? Buy once, give twice!
We hope you LOVE our Valentines Day Date & Gift Guide! Let us know if any of our ideas worked out for you by commenting on the blog!
HPSC Staff

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