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Interning with HP Supply Co. - OBSESSED!

Hey HPSC Tribe! 

MacKenzie – one of the 2018 Summer Interns – here! My internship at High Point Supply Co has sadly ended and the school year has started, but Chelsea-Shay and Hannah wanted me and my fellow interns to share with y’all what this summer meant to each of us! Keep on reading to learn a little about who we are, why we came to HPSC, and our favorite products.

First, we have our Social Media Intern Caroline Claunch, who is a senior Marketing major at Dallas Baptist University! She found HPSC on Indeed.com and applied because “it was a business that supported other people in so many ways, but still used the practical day-to-day strategies to increase and maintain their business. It was the best of both worlds. Also, they all love Jesus!”

As the Social Media Intern, Caroline was our go-to content writer for blogs, Instagram captions, and e-flyers! Her favorite part of the internship was getting to work with our HPSC team. She said, “Each girl had a unique personality and skill set that I admired. I loved that we all encouraged each other, too! I definitely learned how to better encourage these girls as well as other people outside the internship. The power of positive and affirming words is so underrated in the workplace nowadays. I’ll certainly do my best to be an encouragement in whichever job I end up working." 

Caroline’s favorite purchase from HPSC were the Mother of Pearl Teardrop Earrings (below) because she is a huge fan of unique statement earrings!HP Supply HpSupply HPSUPPLY

Next, we have our Marketing & Event Planning Intern, Kelly Bramblett. Kelly is a Dallas native studying Apparel Merchandising and Marketing as a senior at Oklahoma State University. She also found HPSC through Indeed.com and “fell in love with everything they stood for and the meaning behind why they were doing what they were doing.” She also said she knew interning at HPSC would help her know what to do post-grad.

Kelly helped with the online presence of HPSC, photo shoots, and planning our pop-up events! Her favorite part of the internship was also the people. Kelly said, “I loved getting to meet other women who were so passionate about what they were doing. Through meeting these girls, I also grew more compassion for the lives they were trying to impact. I can’t wait to see all the lives those women impact in the future.”

Kelly bought a notebook from HPSC and has been using it every day since to journal her thoughts throughout the day!


Lastly, I am MacKenzie Korsi, and I was the Business Strategist Intern at HPSC this summer. I am a senior at Southern Methodist University studying Business Management and Corporate Communication & Public Affairs. I met Hannah and Chelsea-Shay at a conference in Dallas called Linger in February and followed them on Instagram, where I saw them post about needing summer interns. I DM’d them back, emailed my resume to Hannah, and before I knew it I had interviewed and been offered the position!


As the Business Strategist Intern, I did a lot of online research about a few strategic decisions HPSC is considering. I also created a comprehensive manual for future interns and employees and wrote some blogs as well! My favorite part of interning with HPSC was realizing that I truly am in the correct field of study. I firmly believe Social Enterprises are going to change the world and being immersed in that environment through HPSC this summer solidified my passion for helping people through business even more! I am so thankful to Chelsea-Shay and Hannah for this amazing opportunity. 

I bought quite a bit in my time at HPSC, but my first and favorite purchase was my FashionABLE knot ring. I’ve worn it every day since I bought it, and it’s an amazing conversation starter!


The opportunity to intern for HPSC this summer was amazing, and we hope this gave you a little more insight into how much and why Caroline, Kelly, and I all loved our time here! We hope you will look into our favorite products or consider interning for HPSC in the future!


MacKenzie Korsi

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