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Women in Business: Hannah Taylor


We were in the women’s bathroom at our church one evening when I asked Hannah if she was looking for a job. I had been praying over who would fill the first full-time position on our little HP staff and for some reason the name Hannah kept coming to my mind.


She and I had only interacted a handful of times on a very basic acquaintance level so I honestly didn’t know her very well, but I just had this feeling like she would be a great fit.


To my surprise and total shock she said “yes, actually I am!”  And that is how I found the best coworker in the entire world… I hired her out from under another company in the bathroom at our church!


Hannah has been on our staff since March 2016 working as our Product Manager, but in reality she has worn every hat we have! From tagging goods to big vision strategy, HT has taken on any and every role that we’ve thrown her way, smiling the entire time. There are few people who have as much joy, compassion, and tenderness as HT, and those gifts have made her an unbelievable asset to our team as we straddle the lines between people and profit.

But enough of the formal stuff…


What’s your 3 sentence bio?

  • “I am a Florida native who has migrated to the great state of Texas. I have spent my time focusing on furthering programs here at HP Supply Co., while employing my passion of helping others. You can find me either running around White Rock Lake, wondering around Target, or attending concerts.”

 What are 3 stores that fit your style?

  • “lulu lemon.... urban outfitters… and I can’t think of a 3rd.. is that bad? Haha I need to go shopping haha”

What is your spirit animal and why?

  • “Spirit animal= golden retriever because they love people, have tons of energy and love to have fun!”

Who do you want to see in concert next?

  • “Coldplay or Justin Timberlake, I’ve never been to either of them”

What cause stirs your heart the most?

  • “Economic empowerment- seeing people that have faced hardships of some kind whether that is poverty, trafficking, poor life choices… find a skill or job that they are empowered and encouraged by makes my heart so excited! The possibilities and hopes for the future are endless!”

What is your dream job?

  • “HP Supply Co ... duh! But just something that I can work towards to better the lives of others! Maybe a little traveling too… meeting new people and working with new cultures! Always learning new things!”


Hannah is an adventurous ENFP who knows how to flex with the tasks at hand, is always ready to help, knows how get work done, and can laugh while doing it all!


Like I said, BEST coworker ever! Be jealous y’all!


Chelsea-Shay Friesen


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