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Through our partnerships with Please Don't Tell uses profitable business ideas to get into closed areas of the world so they can share the gospel there. Please Don't Tell is not the actual name of this vendor but due to the area in which they work we are not at liberty to share their identity. So we came up with the nome de plume of Please Don't Tell as a way to still honor their presence in our community with out putting their safety at risk. All of the products from Please Don’t Tell provide a sustainable income to those business endeavors as well as help the people on staff maintain their work visas. If PDT doesn’t make a profit they can’t stay where they are so it is crucial to campaign for their cause. Our hope is that by being their mouthpiece in the United States we can grow their income and help them to go into even more unreached areas of the world so they might share the gospel.
Through our partnership with Banded Together each of their products purchased provides 3 meals for a child in need in Uganda, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, & Mexico. Banded Together is commited to donating a portion of their sales toward world wide hunger relief. They work with Amazima Minsitries & Food For the Poor to delegate where the need for food is greatest and then they make sure to get it there. 

Through our partnership with Double Edged Notes each journal sold we give a bible to a person in China who has not previously had access to it!
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